What happens when nature takes over in the production of hemp?

Meet Rick and Scott


Rick Kenagy and Scott Holzschuh are both passionate about farming and helping others find success in their own operations.  These business partners own GroFresh Farms 365 which produces high quality produce using aquaponics farming techniques in Grand Junction.  Our tilapia love their viewing windows as they keep an eye on daily activities.  The fish provide food for the microorganisms which provide nutrients for the plants. The plants, in turn, filter and clean the water that returns to the fish. It's natures way of growing things with significantly less water use than traditional dirt farming and it's year round!


We formed Kings Seed, LLC in order to harness the magic of aquaponics to the production of high quality CBD plants. 


We are biomass farmers but also provide nursery services to those certified growing operations in Western Colorado.

2018 was our first year growing hemp in our field.  We cloned our own plants, but in 2019 we are moving to feminized seeds.

887 23 Road

Grand Junction, CO 81505

Tel: 970-208-6305

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